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Jaybird Athlete Kerri 1


HOME: Manhattan Beach, California

SPORT: Pro Beach Volleyballer / Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist

PASSION: Elevating The Sport of Beach Volleyball / 3 Incredible Kids / Maintaining Peak Athletic Performance

"Music without wires... it doesn't get better than that! "
Jaybird Athlete Kerri Walsh Jennings 1
Jaybird Athlete Kerri Walsh Jennings 2
Jaybird Athlete Kerri Walsh Jennings 3
Jaybird Athlete Kerri Walsh Jennings 4


HOME: Salt Lake City, Utah

SPORT: Pro Ski Mountaineer

PASSION: Human Powered Adventures / Environmental Advocate

"Jaybird is an integral part of my workout gear – they make training fun. My workout playlists help me push harder. "
Jaybird Athlete Caroline Gleich 1
Jaybird Athlete Caroline Gleich 2
Jaybird Athlete Caroline Gleich 3
Jaybird Athlete Caroline Gleich 4

Jaybird Athlete Jesse 1


HOME: Bend, Oregon

SPORT: Pro Triathlete

PASSION: Wildflower 6-peat / Running / Picky Bars CEO / Family

"Between training, music, podcasts and phone calls, my Jaybird buds rarely leave my ears. I honestly love mine, they’re far and away the best Bluetooth headphones. "
Jaybird Athlete Jesse Thomas 1
Jaybird Athlete Jesse Thomas 2
Jaybird Athlete Jesse Thomas 3
Jaybird Athlete Jesse Thomas 4


HOME: Albuquerque, New Mexico

SPORT: Pro Mountain Bike Racer / World 24-Hour Champion

PASSION: Conquering the Mountain

"My Jaybird buds provide me with the musical inspiration I need to keep me going all day long "
Jaybird Athlete Sonya Looney 1
Jaybird Athlete Sonya Looney 2
Jaybird Athlete Sonya Looneyo 3
Jaybird Athlete Sonya Loney 4

Jaybird Athlete Stan 1


HOME: Whistler, Canada

SPORT: Pro Ski Adventurer

PASSION: Finding the deepest pow

"Me, the mountain and my Music. My Jaybird buds are there to push me as far as I want to go. "
Jaybird Athlete Stan Rey 1
Jaybird Athlete Stan Rey 2
Jaybird Athlete Stan Rey 3
Jaybird Athlete Kathleen Tesori 4


HOME: Santa Clarita, California

SPORT: Pro Track & Field

PASSION: Racing on track & road / Picky Bars CMO / Family

"Being a parent and working from home is one thing, add a heavy training schedule to the mix and you’ve got something quite different… my Jaybird gear gets me through it all. "
Jaybird Athlete Lauren Fleshman 1
Jaybird Athlete Lauren Fleshman 2
Jaybird Athlete Lauren Fleshman 3
Jaybird Athlete Lauren Fleshman 4

Jaybird Athlete Curtis 1


HOME: Santa Monica, California

SPORT: Pro Mountain Bike Racer

PASSION: Racing down a hill at insane speeds

"Music is a big part of my life. Traveling, training, riding… Jaybird makes everything that much sweeter. "
Jaybird Athlete Curtis Keene 1
Jaybird Athlete Curtis Keene 2
Jaybird Athlete Curtis Keene 3
Jaybird Athlete Curtis Keene 4


HOME: Squaw Valley, California

SPORT: Pro Rockclimber / Adventurer / Mountain Athlete

PASSION: Playing in the Mountains / Spreading Stoke

"I love all kinds of music, all the time, but especially when I‘m active and outside, or training in the gym. My Jaybird buds play a big part in keeping me motivated. I love them! "
Jaybird Athlete Emily Harrington 1
Jaybird Athlete Emily Harrington 2
Jaybird Athlete Emily Harrington 3
Jaybird Athlete Emily Harrington 4

Jaybird Athlete Nick 1


HOME: Salt Lake City, Utah

SPORT: MLS / Real Salt Lake Goal keeper / US Men’s National Team

PASSION: Soccer / Family

"The freedom is amazing. I can concentrate on my workout and not worry about the headphones. "
Jaybird Athlete Nick Rimando 1
Jaybird Athlete Nick Rimando 2
Jaybird Athlete Nick Rimando 3
Jaybird Athlete Nick Rimando 4


HOME: Dana Point, California

SPORT: Big Mountain Snowboarding

PASSION: Mountains / Oceans / Splitboard Adventures / Protect Our Winters

"Wearing my Jaybird wireless headphones is like entering a whole new world, it's liberating. From workouts to traveling across the globe in search of untouched mountains, I take my music with me. "
Jaybird Athlete Forrest Shearer 1
Jaybird Athlete Forrest Shearer 2b
Jaybird Athlete Forrest Shearer 4

Jaybird Athlete James 1


HOME: Salt Lake City, Utah

SPORT: Endurance Athlete / Ironman Triathlete

PASSION: Anything is possible

"I'm always pushing the limits. My Jaybird gear keeps up with me every step of the way. "
Jaybird Athlete Iron Cowboy James Lawrence 1
Jaybird Athlete Iron Cowboy James Lawrence 2
Jaybird Athlete Iron Cowboy James Lawrence 3
Jaybird Athlete Iron Cowboy James Lawrence 4


HOME: Salt Lake City, Utah

SPORT: Pro Trainer

PASSION: Finding my limits... and pushing through them.

"Music takes my workout to another level and my Jaybird buds are the tools to get me there. "
Jaybird Athlete Blake Robinson 1
Jaybird Athlete Blake Robinson 2
Jaybird Athlete Blake Robinson 3
Jaybird Athlete Blake Robinson 4

Jaybird Athlete Brandon 1


HOME: Ogden, Utah

SPORT: Pro Fitness Trainer / Bodybuilding Pro

PASSION: Pumping Iron

"My workout is not complete without the best wireless buds in the world. They're all I need."
Jaybird Athlete Brandon Johnson 1
Jaybird Athlete Brandon Johnson 2
Jaybird Athlete Brandon Johnson 3
Jaybird Athlete Brandon Johnson 4


HOME: Solana Beach, California

SPORT: Pro Stand-Up Paddle Boarder

PASSION: Tube Time

"Jaybird buds let me do what I do, untethered, with complete freedom. "
Jaybird Athlete John Afshari 1
Jaybird Athlete John Afshari 2
Jaybird Athlete John Afshari 3
Jaybird Athlete John Afshari 4

Jaybird Athlete Aaron Rice Team


HOME: Alta, Utah

SPORT: Pro Backcountry-Skier

PASSION: Ski Hard, Ski Long, Ski Fast

"I don't go anywhere without my buds. When I'm out there in the wild they let me take my music with me. "
Jaybird Athlete Aaron Rice 1
Jaybird Athlete Aaron Rice 2
Jaybird Athlete Aaron Rice 3
Jaybird Athlete Aaron Rice 4


HOME: US East and West Coast

SPORT: Triathletes

PASSION: Bike / Swim / Run

"Jaybird gear gets us in the zone and elevates our training like nothing else."
Jaybird Maverick Multisport Team 1
Jaybird Maverick Multisport Team 2
Jaybird Maverick Multisport Team 3
Jaybird Maverick Multisport Team 4

Jaybird Athlete Andrew 1


HOME: Loma Linda, California

SPORT: Big Mountain Snowboarding / Photography

PASSION: Visual story telling through a mix of snow, rock and sea

"From the skin track to the airport to editing images on my laptop, my Jaybird buds let me plugin without having to be plugged in – foster the stoke. "
Jaybird Athlete Andrew Miller 1
Jaybird Athlete Andrew Miller 2
Jaybird Athlete Andrew Miller 3
Jaybird Athlete Andrew Miller 4


HOME: Big Mountain, MT

SPORT: Pro Snowboarder

PASSION: Shredding

"Jaybird fits right in with all my gear. It's the perfect companion to my lifestyle. "
Jaybird Athlete Jason Robinson 1
Jaybird Athlete Jason Robinson 2
Jaybird Athlete Jason Robinson 3
Jaybird Athlete jason Robinson 4

Jaybird Athlete Sam 1


HOME: Salt Lake City, Utah

SPORT: Pro Rock Climbing / Ice Climbing

PASSION: Commitment to Climbing

"With everything I have to deal with on the rock having wires out of my way is a no brainer. "
Jaybird Athlete Sam Elias 1
Jaybird Athlete Sam Elias 2
Jaybird Athlete Sam Elias 3
Jaybird Athlete Sam Elias Hall 4


HOME: Salt Lake City, Utah

SPORT: Canyoneer / Adventurer

PASSION: Anything That Gets Me Outside

"The soundtrack to my life... no strings attached. Epic."
Jaybird Athlete Jeff Taylor 1
Jaybird Athlete Jeff Taylor 2
Jaybird Athlete Jeff Taylor 3
Jaybird Athlete Jeff Taylor 4

Jaybird Athlete jacy 1


HOME: Salt Lake City, Utah

SPORT: Fitness Athlete / Pro Trainer

PASSION: Blood, Sweat and Tears

" I'm always pushing my limits. If I'm not performing at my peak, I'm not living. My buds are always with me. "
Jaybird Athlete Jacy Cunningham 1
Jaybird Athlete Jacy Cunningham 2
Jaybird Athlete Jacy Cunningham 3
Jaybird Athlete Jacy Cunningham 4


HOME: Kaysville, Utah


PASSION: Anything on 2 wheels / Family

"My buds are insane. No wires in my way. I can ride anything and everything. "
Jaybird Athlete Tim Fuzzy Hall 1
Jaybird Athlete Tim Fuzzy Hall 1
Jaybird Athlete Tim Fuzzy Hall 2
Jaybird Athlete Tim Fuzzy Hall 3
Jaybird Athlete Tim Fuzzy Hall 4