10 Things Only a Runner Will Understand

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10 Things Only a Runner Will Understand

jaybird-sport-blog-10-things-only-a-runner-will-understand-image-20161118You see them out there. Runners. Sometimes you see them out doing their thing in the wee hours of the morning while you’re getting ready for work. You may think they’re crazy, and it might be so, but running takes a certain type of person to enjoy it. Here are 10 things that only a runner would know:

  1. Runners never miss a run. If their schedule only allows for a 20-minute run, then it’ll do. If the weather is bad, well they go out and run anyway. A little rain, snow or ice just adds to the challenge. Running in the heat, however, makes running downright miserable. After all, not even runners enjoy being covered in sweat.
  2. Runners prefer running in the morning. There isn’t a better way to start the day in the mind of a runner than a brisk, pre-dawn run. As a morning run is ideal, many runners do struggle getting up early.
  3. Runners use running to boost their energy, not drain it. Many runners feel more alive after their run. Memory, mental alertness and happiness are also observed side-effects to running that many runners experience.
  4. Runners run harder and longer when they know they are being watched. Just like other physical activities where the participant is on center stage, runners want to look good and show off.
  5. Runners are devoted to their shoes. Runner strangely get attached to their running shoes and have a hard time getting rid of them when they can no longer be worn. Runners are also devoted to one running shoe brand.
  6. Runners like to plan their routes. Going on vacation or a business trip? Leave it to the runner to have a running route already scoped out. Runners are also creatures of habit in that once they find a route they like, that is the route they always run. This route comes after careful, in-depth research of local running spots. Runners, therefore, can let you in on all the running options nearby.
  7. Runners can’t stand being called “joggers.” Calling a runner a “jogger” or their run a “jog” are the ultimate insults someone can say to a runner,
  8. Runners love carbs. Runners don’t do diets because running burns so many calories. To get ready for runs, carbohydrates are a runner’s best friend. They are something to crave and enjoy, not avoid.
  9. Runners spend countless hours creating their running playlist. Runners need energizing music to listen to on those long, strenuous runs. As much time as they spend on playlists, most runners only enjoy a handful of the songs.
  10. Runners run through the aches and pains. Runners won’t stop running for a pulled muscle, cramps or blisters. Their way of working through the pain is seen as a form of strengthening and recovery, not to mention a badge of honor.

While runners and running may seem foreign to some, it is a great physical activity that increases one’s physical and mental health and helps better one’s mood. If you haven’t tried it, grab your music and hit the pavement. Runners also enjoy high-quality headphones that don’t have all the wires. Jaybird’s X3 and Freedom wireless headphones are great for runners, bikers and athletes. The sound quality is the best around, and their Bluetooth, wireless functionality makes it easier to move. Check out our headphones today and add enjoyment to your runs through your extensive running playlist.

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