Spring in the Eastern Sierras with Andrew Miller

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Spring in the Eastern Sierras with Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is an accomplished photographer, adventurer, and creative director focusing most of his work in winter climates where he explores and chases storms, usually with a snowboard under his feet. From the Andes, the Alps, Interior B.C. to the West Fjords of Iceland and high peaks of the Himalayas, his award-winning images have taken him to remote mountain ranges across the globe while working with a vast range of clients and editorial titles worldwide. From the skin track and helipad to the resort lift and sled trail, Andrew has been out there creating his work and quickly establishing himself as one of the most well-rounded photographers in the snow industry.


Spring has sprung here in the Eastern Sierra. This is arguably the best season of the year as the door is now open to endless adventure possibilities. The storms have settled down, the sun is getting higher and the sky is becoming a deeper blue by each passing day. When the forecast shows a solid week of high temps and clear weather, this is a signal to bust out the tents and camping gear as there is no better time to get outside and into the mountains. On the agenda was a challenge to see if our legs were up to a human-powered bike and shred mission down Highway 395. Taking tips off the “Slow is Fast” approach, we set the course, loaded up the bikes with just the essentials and we hit the highway peddling… slow. There is something to be said about experiencing a route you have driven a 100 times in your car by bike. You notice so many small details and end up taking tons of side roads and it felt as if we were exploring our backyard for the first time. The days were divided up into biking and shredding with hopes to hit most of the classic eastside zones starting with the Twin Lakes/Matterhorn area. The snow corn cycle was in perfect form and the pavement wasn’t too hot making for some amazing riding and biking conditions. We continued this cycle slowly making our way down the eastside embracing the heavy loads, blistered feet, sunburned faces and new challenges each day. There is really something to be said about exploring your backyard in a new way. All said and done the crew peddled 300 plus miles, skied 7 out of the 12 days, repaired six flat tires and consumed an absurd amount of food along the way.


The crew loaded up with ski and camping gear headed up the longest grade of the trip, Conway Summit.

The rare bike slush barrell. Just happen to be the one snowboarder got to spray the skiers.

By day three the crew was really getting into the groove of the long days in the saddle. Strategic packing was

Topping out on the Dana Plateau in Tioga Pass, the east entrance to Yosemite.

This was hands down the best camping spot of the trip. A natural boulder cove perfect for a fire and nice rest
from the days bike.

Charging up the RUN bluetooth headphones courtesy of the sun. Tunes where key for helping push through those long days.

Finding that flow state. Surfing some perfect Eastside corn off the Dana Plateau.

Ski tour, eat, shred, eat, bike, elevate legs, eat, sleep – repeat.

Slushy spring waves. Couldn’t have asked for better spring weather or temps.

Spring always makes for some interesting bushwhacking before you hit the snow line.

We jumped at any chance to get in water. Nothing better way to reward yourself after a long day riding gravel
roads than a soak in the Hot Creek lazy river.