Tarah Pro Launch at the Jaybird NYC Run Hub

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Tarah Pro Launch at the Jaybird NYC Run Hub

The New York City Marathon is one of the largest and most prestigious running events in the world. Attended by over 50,000 runners each year, it’s the perfect setting to launch Jaybird’s first Pro Series headphone, Tarah Pro. We hosted a unique series of events with our brand partners Headspace and Zwift in Brooklyn built around using our new premium running headphones to deliver both a body and mind experience.

The event kicked off on the Thursday before the marathon with a Mindful Miles shakeout run led by Black Roses co-founder Knox Robinson and Run Dem Crew founder Charlie Dark. During the scenic 5K run through Brooklyn, attendees listened to one of Headspace’s guided running meditation sessions, helping get them in the right running frame of mind.

That evening, Knox and members of the Black Roses led another shakeout run through the streets of Williamsburg. Once back at the Hub, the gathered audience of journalists and VIPs was treated to an introduction of Tarah Pro, our newest wireless sport headphone. Filmmaker Tim Kemple premiered the latest episode of our Run Wild series, Grit, about running in New York City through the eyes of the Black Roses run crew. This was followed by a fascinating discussion with a panel of runners from different backgrounds and disciplines featured in the Run Wild series including Knox Robinson, Charlie Dark, Jax Mariash, Dannielle McNeilly, Sharada Maddox and moderated by ultrarunner and best-selling author Scott Jurek.

The next day, ultrarunner Josh Hageman put Tarah Pro’s battery life to the test by running on a treadmill continuously for 14 hours. In that time, Josh covered 66.6 miles and even then, his headphones still had some juice left.

On Friday and Saturday, journalists and VIPs were able to experience the benefits of Headspace and Zwift with the help of Jaybird Tarah Pro headphones. The sessions allowed people to try out Headspace in a relaxing atmosphere, followed by a trial of Zwift’s newest treadmill-based running application through a virtual Central Park, while listing to Headspace or a mix of New York themed tracks selected by DJ Mick.


Check out the Jaybird Run Wild NYC mix by DJ Mick: