All the Gear You Need to Start Running

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All the Gear You Need to Start Running

Brian Tolbert Wearing Jaybird Vista

Everyday we are seeing more and more people taking up the age old sport of running—shoes are being laced up and endless miles of pavement and dirt are torn up at an exponential rate. We know it’s not possible for everyone to get out and run anywhere right now, but we’re still seeing people getting out—hitting their empty trails, running around their block (keeping a safe distance from their neighbors), or even looping their house 30+ times to hit 6 miles.

As long-time runners ourselves, we wanted to share some of the essential running gear that will help you hurdle that daunting barrier to entry. Whether or not you are aiming for a marathon, or just trying to get outside for a change, leave those excuses at the door, and jump into one of the oldest, and best (in our opinion), lifestyles out there.

1. The Shoes

The Loop Running Supply Shoes

Photo: c/o The Loop Running Supply

The first, and most crucial item you need is a good pair of shoes. Beyond that, you are just accessorizing your kit to increase your comfort look. Every runner is different. Our bodies, gates, pace and goals all dictate which shoe we should be training in. In order to find the right fit for your own feet, visit our friends at your local running store.

2. The Clothes

Tracksmith & rabbit clothing

Photo left: c/o Emily Maye for Tracksmith. Photo right: c/o rabbit

Having well-fitting and good looking clothing is crucial to your success as a runner. Ultra-runners (people who run longer than 26.2 miles…yes, people do this) often joke that their races are 99% mental, whereas the other 1% is mental. Looking good will make you feel better, therefore making you run better (or so we like to think). The sign of a good shirt or pair of shorts is no sign at all. If you don’t notice them, they are doing their job. We’ve been pretty stoked on Tracksmith and rabbit these days, as they both make stylish high performance clothing that you wouldn’t mind wearing to the grocery store after your workout. We have also been wearing Ciele hats. Comfy and stylish, you’ll be happy with your fit, and running better than ever.

3. The Socks

Stance Socks

Photo: c/o Stance

A good pair of running specific socks is crucial to compliment your new kicks. Blisters are no joke and will throw a wrench in your workout or race. Our go to are Stance running socks. They make some great high performance socks that look just as good as they feel (their 360 tech is so comfortable).

4. The Tracker

Suunto  Watch

c/o Suunto

Everyone needs a good watch to track their miles, workouts, and stats. Our daily driver is the new Suunto 7. With smartwatch capabilities on top of your typical GPS functions, you can listen to music and stay connected while out on the trail.

5. The Hydration

Ultimate Direction Running Gear

Photo: by Maria Dalzot, c/o Ultimate Direction

Hydration! As it starts to get warmer and your long runs get a little bit longer, you’re going to want to have some water and nutrition with you. Ultimate Direction offers a pretty wide selection of running vests and handhelds tailored to your every need. If we are out for under three hours, we generally use their Clutch handheld. It holds a softflask, so when you are done, you can stuff it into your pants to free up your hands, while the zippered pockets have enough room for some nutrition and your essentials.

6. The Entertainment

Jaybird Vista Running Earbuds

Photo: by Adam Clark.

Add some entertainment to your run with the Jaybird Vista. With 16 hours of playtime and a waterproof, sweatproof, and #earthproof construction, the Vista will keep you moving even through the toughest of workouts and conditions.

These are just some of our favorites, and certainly not an exhaustive list. Running is truly a life changing sport, and hopefully these recommendations help get your rolling. Have fun, and good luck with your new lifestyle!

About the author: When he isn’t logging miles, skiing lines or drinking beers in Utah’s Wasatch mountains, Nash is part of the Jaybird community experience team here in Park City. The mountains are his home, and having the right gear is essential to getting out and enjoying the backyard.