Always Improving

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Always Improving

Download the latest firmware updates to ensure your buds are always performing at their top level.

Jaybird Run Updates.


Releasing RUN into the world has been a phenomenal step for us. We’re psyched to hear about users who’ve been able to fit their headphones right out of the box and run freely with incredible sound. We’ve also recently received feedback from some users that they’ve experienced Bluetooth connectivity issues. We’ve worked hard to improve this situation, and have just released a firmware update to address these occasional connectivity issues. You can download the firmware update here: Jaybird Run Updates.


We’re confident that these firmware improvements will resolve the majority of connection issues users are experiencing. As with all Bluetooth devices, many factors can impact connectivity, such as RF interference, distance between the phone and headphones, etc. To get the best Bluetooth experience, please check out the diagram below. If you have any questions after updating your firmware, or need further assistance, please reach out to us at We’re here to power your passion, and we want you have the most seamless experience possible.


  • To minimize audio drop outs, try to reduce the distance between your right earbud and your audio device. For example, try to have your audio device in your right pocket or on your right arm if running with an arm band.
  • While the range of most Bluetooth devices is 10 meters (33 feet), the optimal range for any Bluetooth audio device is about 60 centimeters (2 feet) from the audio source.
  • Some environments, cell phone towers, dense wifi networks, and other transmitting devices can interfere with your Bluetooth connection. If possible, try to move away from the area or devices.