Free Your Run With True Wireless Music

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Free Your Run With True Wireless Music

RUN, Jaybird’s first ever truly wireless headphones have arrived, and we couldn’t be happier. This means you now have access to true wireless headphones that are secure and comfortable for prolonged physical activity, regardless of the shape of your ear, sweat-proof and water resistant for outdoor excursions – and they pack an impressive 12 hours of portable battery life with the included charging case. Jaybird RUN is designed for runners, by runners.

Jaybird has always been about bringing music to where you sweat, and we’ve done that wirelessly since day one. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with our athletes and engineers to create a true wireless headphone that will set the bar for true wireless sport headphones. Because what’s the point of removing all wires if the headphones aren’t sweat-proof, water-resistant, and provide a comfortable, secure fit that actually looks good?


As we went through this process, our athletes were clear about two things: Running with music, without a single wire, will be an absolute game-changer, but the headphones have to look clean and fit like Jaybirds – compact, small, and comfortably secure.

We wanted to create headphones that we’d feel confident running in, so we made sure the form factor was as natural as possible. RUN holds true to the Jaybird standard with a slim, compact, and premium design – no unnecessary bulk and no awkwardness.

“Music fuels my run,” says Timothy Olson, Jaybird athlete and two-time winner and record holder of the Western States 100 Mile race. “I have my training playlists, and they power me on the trail, but in the past, cords would always get in my way or snag on bushes and trees. Jaybird RUN headphones are the perfect way to bring music with me. It’s amazing to run with complete freedom and no wires, and the fit is so natural and secure that I never worry about losing them.”


Whether they’re training or listening intermittently on a race, long-lasting battery life has always been a major need for our athletes, which is why we all agreed that 12 hours in your pocket was the way to go with RUN. You get 4+ hours of playtime on a full charge, and the small carrying case adds 8 hours when fully charged. RUN gives you confidence to run your favorite trails without any worry that you’ll ever run out of juice. You also get portable charging and quick charging – 5 minutes in the carrying case gives your headphones an hour of playtime, so you never have to hit the road without your music.


Our runners were also clear about wanting the ability to run with an open ear to their surroundings or running partners. RUN offers a one-bud option, which means you can run with only the right bud in and pay attention to what’s going on around you. RUN also works with our acclaimed Jaybird App. Not only can you use RUN and the app together to tweak your sound and share Spotify playlists with the new Running music feature, you can also use the “Find My Buds” feature to locate your headphones if one of them goes missing.

With all of these running needs inspiring the hardware and software design of RUN, we knew that the name of our true wireless headphones was right before us. Whether you train to run or run to train – everybody runs. Running in itself has no limits or rules. There’s no designated speed, method, or direction. You just grab your headphones, lace up your kicks, press play – and get out there and run wild. Jaybird RUN true wireless sport headphones are the next step, the most freeing music and performance experience out there.