New Perspectives: Marquis Bowden

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New Perspectives: Marquis Bowden

marquis bowden biking with jaybird vista sport headphones

In times of adversity, it is important to identify the positives, big and small.  Often overshadowed by the negatives and inability to do what we love, benefits fade into the distance, making our time even harder. Although we, as athletes, are unable to explore the world the way we used to and compete with those passionate about the same fields, we are left with an unexpected gift: time.

Throughout the past few months we have been able to explore our backyards at a much deeper level, use our gear, and reignite our passion for the present. We asked a few of our friends for their thoughts on the matter.

Basketball star turned endurance provocateur, Marquis Bowden has been taking strict advantage of these strange times. Void of proper races and group training, Marquis took it upon himself to throw down a rip at the first (and hopefully last) virtual Boston Marathon, and break into the road cycling scene. We caught up with our self-motivation inspiration to see how he has been spending the past few months.

marquis bowden jaybird vista sport earbuds
marquis bowden biking headphones
marquis bowden biking and running headphones

As races have been cancelled, and international travel has been put on hold, how have you been spending your time?

I’ve recently been spending my time training for the Virtual Boston Marathon. Which went absolutely amazing.

Have you picked up anything new? Or rediscovered something set aside?

Now that marathon training is finished, I have taken up something new: Cycling. I’m having a true blast exploring on the bike and riding with friends, coworkers.  [I have] met tons of new people through the sport.

What have you discovered about your [extended] backyard?

I’ve learned that my extended back yard is ENDLESS. There are so many places to see, and it doesn’t require much effort. It just takes getting up and getting the body moving. Whether that’s on foot, cycling or by car. Despite what we’re going through, it’s been amazing to see friends travel safely and smart to new places – so inspirational. 

What is your main takeaway from the current change of pace?

My main takeaway is that it’s a wonderful opportunity to focus on things we might not have the time to do, prior to the current state we’re in. But most of all, I feel [that] we’re able to become more in line with our dreams, goals and things that are important to us. 

Will you treat your time going forward any different now?

I wouldn’t say that I will treat time any differently, but I would say that it’s definitely more precious. [I will] become a bit more adamant about how we spend it. TIME IS VALUABLE.

And what have you been listening on your Vista headphones lately? 

I’ve been listening to a good amount of artists. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Nipsey Hussle
  • Bino Rideaux
  • Blxst
  • Travis Scott
  • Dave East