The Nordic Journey: Catching Up With Ben Loomis of USA Nordic

  • January 25, 2018
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The Nordic Journey: Catching Up With Ben Loomis of USA Nordic

Ben Loomis is a 19 year old USA Nordic athlete from Eau Clair, Wisconsin who now resides in Park City, Utah. His love for the sport was influenced by his older brother, Adam Loomis, who is also a USA Nordic athlete. Ben enjoys training, backcountry skiing, hiking and taking advantage of all that the Utah mountains have to offer.




We sat down with Ben Loomis in between training sessions to pick his brain about what its like to be an up and coming USA Nordic athlete.
How did you get in to nordic skiing/jumping?

I started cross country skiing at age 2 with my family. At age 5 my older brother Adam got into ski jumping after watching the 2002 Olympics here in Park City. I followed suit and began ski jumping with him.
Tell us about a day in the life:

My life consists primarily of training related activities (which I love). This past summer I started a job working for a property manager maintaining condos. In the summer I am able to train in the morning, work for a few hours midday, and then go back for a second training session. I also started taking college classes at the University of Utah. I am able to continue my education online in my free time from training.

How do you balance your personal life with all the demands of being a world-class athlete?

As an athlete you have to make sacrifices and personal life is one of those. Fortunately I love the people my sport surrounds me with and feel my personal life often goes hand in hand with my athletics. Many of my best friends are the ones I train with everyday.
What is your training regimen like?

For the most part I train twice a day, 6 days a week. Luckily, training for Nordic Combined is varied and it never gets boring. We typically ski jump 3 days a week, spend 2-4 sessions in the gym and 4-6 endurance sessions.
How do you keep your body in shape during the off season?

Our off season is very short. We typically have around 2-3 weeks off from designated training. In this time I like to get in a lot of easy endurance hours. This usually consists of lots of ski touring, mountain biking, running, hiking and some good spring cross country skiing.

What is your favorite aspect of being on the USA Nordic Team?

I love being with a team that is 100% behind their athletes. I have no doubt in my mind our coaches and staff are doing everything in their power to help the whole team succeed.
Dogs or cats? I hate cats. Dogs, I love. My family has two.
Tinder or Bumble? What’s Bumble? Tinder, 100%
Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset when the green light flashes.
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