Playlist of the Week by Samantha Katz

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Playlist of the Week by Samantha Katz


My body jolts to life as my alarm clock blares on the nightstand beside me. I slowly open one eye, then the other, and peer at the glowing red light. The clock reads 4:00am. Doesn’t it feel like your alarm always goes off just seconds after you finally fall asleep?


Most people hate Mondays. They coin phrases like “Monday Blues,” and “Case of the Mondays.” I, on the other hand, love Mondays. To me, Mondays represent a brand new week; A fresh start and an opportunity to leave all of last week’s woes and stresses behind me. Mondays also follow Sundays, which are days for recovery and relaxation for me. My body is strongest on Mondays. I wake up feeling well rested, focused and ready conquer. Like Mondays, most people also hate leg days… squats and deadlifts and lunges, oh my. Like Mondays, I love leg days. I get high off of pushing my body to levels beyond what I thought was possible just days before. Today is Monday and today is leg day. I give my alarm clock a whack and jump out of bed, ready to begin my pre-workout routine.


My pre-workout routine always begins with a nutrient dense meal. Food for fuel.. that’s my motto. I throw some oatmeal into a pot of boiling water and watch as it absorbs every last drop. I do not fear the carb, and neither should you! I down my oatmeal like it is the first time I have eaten in weeks, guzzle a protein shake, grab my water and my X3 Bluetooth headphones and run out the door like a kid on Christmas morning. My blood is pumping and my heart is racing as I cruise to the gym, anxiously anticipating the taxing 90-minute workout that lies ahead. I can literally hear my mind giving my body a pep talk as the neurons from my brain engage the nerve endings of every one of my muscles. This may sound insane to most people but I live for this.


I wrap my headphones around my head and position each bud in each ear. It is the music that fuels me. The moment I hit play I enter a new dimension; a world in which only I and the bar before me exist. Sweat is dripping down my face, my neck, my chest, my arms and my legs. My whole body is shaking, unsure as to whether or not it will survive one last set. It does. It always does…