This Is Why I Run – Rebecca Trachsel

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This Is Why I Run – Rebecca Trachsel

My name is Rebecca Trachsel and I am a mom, marathoner, music lover, high school XC and track coach, and admitted coffee addict.  I’ve been running in some way since 5th grade, ran competitively at Colgate University and started doing marathons in 2007 after my kids were born.  This spring at age 43, I’ll be lining up for my 20th marathon where I’ll be trying to break three hours.  I never run without music and Jaybird keeps me going.



“I could feel the power that running gave me, even at that young age, and I liked what I felt.”


I have always been a runner of some sort. I skipped, laughed, and maybe even cartwheeled through my first 5K at age 10. I was hooked from the moment I crossed the line. I could feel the power that running gave me, even at that young age, and I liked what I felt. Growing up, soccer was my main focus and running was something I did on my own. It kept me grounded and enabled me to check out when I needed to. I decided to run track my junior year and that changed everything for my running. I still remember racing the 2 mile for the first time; that feeling of weightlessness and flight that took me to a new level mentally and physically as I cruised through each lap. I knew something big was happening and I realized it was something I wanted to feel all the time. I ran competitively in college and continued to race for fun when I graduated. In 2011, my husband and I moved to Massachusetts and I immediately put the Boston marathon on my bucket list.  After my second daughter was born in 2007, it was time to give it a shot. I was ready.  



“Fast forward to today, at age 42, I just ran my 19th marathon”


I jumped right into training and never looked back. I was going to cross Boston off my list, I said, and then I’d be done with marathons. Fast forward to today, at age 42, I just ran my 19th marathon, so I guess I wasn’t quite done. Turns out, running is part of who I am. It makes me a better mom, coach, and friend.  It keeps me sane, healthy, and, most importantly, happy.  It connects me with other people who share the same passion.  Like it did back in high school, it continues to help me grow mentally and physically.  Through running, I have learned that my body is capable of anything that I put my mind to.  It is a gift and one that I never take for granted.  


“I hear music differently when I run.”


Like running, music has always played an important role in my life. As a kid, I used it to escape, to focus, to stay motivated, to cope, to unwind; it was part of everything that I did, really, and it continues to play the same role in my life today. Beyond my family, running and music are my two greatest passions. My running influences my music and my music influences my running. I hear music differently when I run. I can focus on the beat, the lyrics, and the sound in a way that I can’t when I’m driving in my car or working at my desk.  When I’m racing, music distracts me, motivates me, and keeps me steady and focused and, in the end, is a big part of what helps me reach my goals as it takes me to a level that nothing else can.  Even in my most intense and challenging moments, music can put a smile on my face. Much like running does, music sets me free.



“I’ll be 43 and I’m hoping to run a sub-3 hour marathon”


My desire to be a better and more competitive runner has only intensified as I’ve gotten older.  To my good fortune, my body has held up as my goals have shifted and my training has ramped up. My family always comes first.  My job second.  After that, my role as a masters athlete is my top priority. I want to make things happen, and I’m willing to push myself harder than ever to reach my goals. When I line up for a marathon, I want to place, not only as a master but also as a top female. Next year I’ll be 43 and I’m hoping to run a sub-3 hour marathon. After that, who knows. What I do know, however, is that I am not even close to being done. And I truly believe anything is possible if you’re willing to do the work.  


“(I run) to defy age, to break boundaries…”


Why do I run?  I RUN TO…. relieve stress, to think, to cope, to mourn, to celebrate, to clear my head, to unwind, to check in, to check out, to learn, to challenge myself, to stay sane, to be happy, to be healthy, to set an example for my kids, to set an example for my high school athletes, to connect, to reconnect, to strengthen bonds, to discover, to explore, to give back, to inspire, to be inspired, to defy age, to break boundaries, to set new ones, to rock out, to be a better person…..TO LIVE.

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