Run Wild: Rhythm

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Run Wild: Rhythm

“If you listen very closely, you can hear a rhythm…and I use it as a source of inspiration.”

There’s a common thread between running and music, one that Charlie Dark has followed nearly his entire life. A poet and writer who grew up listening to pirate radio and eventually became one of London’s premier DJ’s, Charlie began running after feeling disillusioned with the music industry and needing a positive change in his life. Initially running at night to avoid being seen by his neighbors, Charlie was soon joined by a few friends. This initial group eventually grew to become Run Dem Crew, a running and creative community he founded that counts its members in the 100’s. Now a large, multi-faceted organization committed to uplifting the next generation, Run Dem Crew hosts group runs, workshops, films and provides mentoring advice for runners of all ages throughout the city.

In Episode 2, Knox Robinson travels to England to meet Charlie, hear about his beginnings with RDC, and explore their intertwined passions for running and music on the streets of London.

Check out the music that Knox and Charlie ran wild to:



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