This Is Why I Run

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This Is Why I Run


Running is universal. It’s our instinct to run – some would even say we were born to run. While it can be the road to salvation for some and the scourge of existence for others, running changes lives and everyone can do it – there’s no right or wrong way. This simple activity with primitive roots has the highest participation of any sport in the world, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. From local 5ks to marathons, obstacle races, and ultramarathons through the mountains, running events are on the rise globally.


So what motivates us to wake up at 5 a.m., lace up our shoes, and pound the pavement? Why do we disappear into the mountains for 50 miles at a time? Do we thrive on the physical pain, or are we relying on the therapy it provides? To those who live to run and run to live, it means all of these things and more. We all start running for different reasons, but we keep running for the same reason. It gives us a feeling that nothing else can – especially when we add music to the experience.



At Jaybird, music and running are in our blood. We support athletes from all walks of life in chasing their running dreams around the world, and we provide them the best earbuds we can so they can go harder and further, motivated by the power of their favorite songs. Some run for pride, some for the competition, some for physical fitness, and others to overcome their past.



Our athletes’ unique backgrounds have motivated and inspired us on so many different levels, and we know that hearing their stories will inspire you as well. We’ve created a video series called This is Why I Run, featuring nine different Jaybird athletes, to share their life-changing stories, hoping that many of you will connect with their heartache, passion, and motivations. This has been a labor of love for all of us, and we can’t wait to share it with you.


We also want to hear your stories. Share your motivation for running in a short story and hashtag #whyirunjaybird on Instagram for a chance to win weekly prizes including earbuds and a chance to be featured on our social channels. We’re inspired by every type of runner, so don’t hesitate to share your passion with us. To the parent that wakes up early before sending their kids off to school, the beginner seeking to finish their first 5k, and the marathoner looking to set a new PR, your passion inspires more people than you’ll ever know. Share your stories with us and #runwild.