Top 5 Summer Activities to do with Music

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Top 5 Summer Activities to do with Music

My name is Jeff Rizzo and I like to make videos online. My life 100% revolves around having fun, whether that’s working out, playing sports, and/or just bothering everyone in the office. I live in Sacramento, CA and run a small business called RIZKNOWS, which is a media company that produces content about consumer products. We have a website, mobile app, and a few decently popular social channels (200k+ subscribers).



Summer is my favorite time of the year…I like it even more than Christmastime! In Sacramento it gets blisteringly hot in the summer, regularly reaching 100° F for several days in a row. A lot of people don’t like this, but I’m all about it. I like feeling the sun on my back. I love the lake and water sports. I love dripping sweat all over the place. It’s fun. And with that, here are my favorite summer activities that I won’t do without my Jaybird X3s.



“I love dripping sweat all over the place.”




I have a fairly average road bike, but I love taking it out on Fridays (into the office) or Sundays. Sacramento has some of the best bike trails in the world. We have around 30 miles of nearly unbroken bike trails that follow a beautiful river down from the foothills to the city. It really is a special ride. Sometimes I can coax my buddies into a bike ride, but most of the time it’s just me, shirt off, blazing trail. I like to listen to country, classic rock, and hip-hop, mostly because the music helps distract me and can help with the rhythm of cycling. I also binge listen to podcasts, but those are primarily political in nature or Barstool Sports, so I’ll spare you the details.




I used to run a lot more, but I’m trying to get these dang shin splints under control, so I’m out-of-shape by my standards. Still, I love to run in the summer, regardless of the time of day. I typically run in my neighborhood, but I honestly I prefer trail running. Auburn, which is just a short drive away, has world-class, gorgeous trails which are a lot more relaxing than the streets of Sacramento. And I don’t just like proper running, I like to switch things up and run perhaps 100 meters then sprint 25 meters and so on. Of course, that would be a much shorter run, but I get bored quickly, so I have to invent new workouts. It’s all about sweating profusely, so I don’t really care how I get there as long as I feel great afterwards.



“I get bored quickly, so I have to invent new workouts.”




I belong to two gyms, and I have a home gym, but in the summer time I find myself bringing the weights outside more than anything. It’s so nice to workout outside, and I can’t deny that I also love the weird looks from my neighbors. Actually, I just moved and my outdoor workouts have enabled me to meet more of my neighbors. It’s pretty neat. They want to workout; they want the nasty hand blisters; and they also want to be around my beautiful Cal Bears flag. Bottom line: heavy weights are fun.


There’s something oddly addicting about projects at home, and I regularly listen to music on my X3s as I work. It relaxes me and also makes my many power tools just a little quieter (not for my neighbors though!). I like to start really early in the morning. Whether it’s fixing gutters, installing ceiling fans, or planting a new tree, I just really like making home improvements, and I love yard work. I typically mess things up four times and get it right on the fifth; I’m actually surprised that I haven’t been electrocuted yet. And I know what you’re thinking: “what an all American man! He bikes, runs, weight trains, and even hits the TV until it starts working again!”. I also own Carhartt overalls, so think about that.



I hardly ever relax, but I occasionally—particular in the summer—like to get up early, listen to music and just sit outside. It’s a great way to start the day. I’ll usually throw on some Jack Johnson and sip my decaf coffee. Here’s my playlist of the week: