Update Your Jaybird MySound App For A Whole New Experience

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Update Your Jaybird MySound App For A Whole New Experience

Listening to music is a personal experience. It sounds different to all of us, and different types of music affect all of us in different ways. But one thing’s for sure, music can pump us up when nothing else can. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from seeing people interact with our MySound app, it’s that when we find something we really like, we instantly want to share it with everyone around us.

Unique to Jaybird, the MySound app allows users to alter the actual sound of their music on their headphones. By adjusting the lows, mids, and highs with the app, users can create custom sound profiles that play their music in a way that sounds best to them. Thousands of Jaybird users have created custom sound profiles and shared them with other athletes through the app. We love giving you your music, your way, and MySound has been amazing in connecting athletes across the world who share a passion for pushing themselves backed by the power of their music.


Running Music

We’ve been testing ways to make the app even better and interactive for a while now, so we’re psyched to tell you about the app’s latest update with a feature we’re adding called Running Music. We’ve now integrated Spotify, so that you can not only share your custom sound profile but you can create, share, and rate playlists through the app! If you’re looking for new music to pump up your run, look no further.

What’s New

The Jaybird MySound app has been renamed the Jaybird app.

We’ve integrated Spotify playlists into the app to give users the ability to explore, listen to, create, share, and rate playlists within the Jaybird community.

Users can browse playlists from several genres created by Jaybird staff, athletes, and fans.

The playlists are broken down into a few sections: Jaybird, Staff Picks, Popular, Newest, and Trending. This allows users to easily find new jams to pump up their next run.

Don’t own a pair of Jaybird headphones? No problem! In an effort to expand the Jaybird community, we made this feature available to anyone. All you need is a free Spotify account to participate.

Now for the fun part, we’re hosting a series of giveaways over the next couple months, and we’ll be giving away a pair of X3 earbuds every 2 weeks until October 1st to the playlist that has the most Likes. So get your friends and family to download the Jaybird app and start stacking up your likes!

*An individual playlist cannot win more than once.


Now all you have to do is update, listen, create, share and #runwild!


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