Weekly Fourcast: Hillary Allen

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Weekly Fourcast: Hillary Allen

For this Fourth of July edition of the Weekly Fourcast, we caught up with Jaybird Ambassador Hillary Allen, a.k.a. The Hillygoat. Hillary is a mountain ultrarunner from Boulder, Colorado, who grew up camping in the Rocky Mountains and picked up trail running during grad school. The trails led to the high ridges, and Hillary became immersed in sky running, a high-altitude subset that involved steep and technical courses through the mountains. Hillary has since set several course records, placed in the Ultra Skyrunning World Series, and won the US Skyrunning Championship.

After bouncing back from a near-fatal fall at a race in Norway in 2017, Hillary continues to travel the world, pursuing and enjoying the freedom to explore on her own terms.

“No matter if I’m in a city or a small mountain town,” she says, “freedom means walking out your front door with a fresh perspective and the curiosity to explore and learn something new.” Follow Hillary @Hillygoat_climbs.

What does freedom mean to you?


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The Weekly Fourcast is a series of curated podcast recommendations from our athletes, ambassadors and employees. Every week, we’ll drop a new list of four shows and episodes that you need to hear, direct from the Jaybird crew—the perfect audio fuel for the week ahead.