Weekly Fourcast: Hoby Darling

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Weekly Fourcast: Hoby Darling

For this Weekly Forecast, we caught up with Jaybird Executive Director Hoby Darling. Hoby knows a thing or two about pushing potential—he has helped lead major companies like Volcom, Nike, and Skullcandy, competed in Ironman races and Crossfit games, and is a founding member of the Liminal Collective, a group whose mission is “to advance the limitless potential of humans, preparing and supporting those who take pioneering steps in extreme, unexplored, and unknown spaces.”

Whether he’s training, trail running, mountain biking or adventuring, Hoby loves to push himself and those around him—and always to a soundtrack.

“Music and movement are linked in our brains and through ancient rituals—music helps push me that extra step to the top of the mountain and get that last bit of push to help me hit my goals,” he says. “We put so many limits on ourselves. I love the saying that when we feel like we are done, we are really only at 40%. Keeping that in mind pushes me harder.”


Hoby’s Recommended Podcasts:

How I Built This with Guy Raz, Live Episode! Peloton: John Foley

This is the best podcast I have heard for budding entrepreneurs. John is the CEO of Peloton and talks about the challenges and turmoil of taking Peloton from an idea that nearly failed to a company valued at over $8 billion.


Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris, Understanding Humans in the Wild, A Conversation with Adam Grant
Adam Grant is one of my favorites around psychology and especially psychology at work. Sam is also awesome because he brings in neuroscience to think about how we act the way we do. I liked this one because they both push each other a bit around some strongly held beliefs, such as Sam is huge into meditation and Adam thinks it is overrated.


Outside Magazine Podcast, Dispatches: What Awe in Nature Does for Us

A great podcast about the outdoors and unlocking our best selves, creativity, and lowering stress. Nature—the best medicine.


Jocko Podcast, Jack Carr: Remember Your Cause and Be a “True Believer”

Jack is a good friend and former Navy SEAL Commander. He is now an amazing fiction author. This podcast hits some great things on leadership, performance under pressure, and some funny things about living in Park City.

The Weekly Fourcast is a series of curated podcast recommendations from our athletes, ambassadors and employees. Every week, we’ll drop a new list of four shows and episodes that you need to hear, direct from the Jaybird crew—the perfect audio fuel for the week ahead.