Weekly Fourcast: Nathan Lee Allen

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Weekly Fourcast: Nathan Lee Allen

For this Weekly Fourcast, we tracked down Colorado-based photographer, podcaster, and influencer Nathan Lee Allen. Nathan has a passion for creating bold, beautiful and beneficial content that inspires others to “get busy living” everyday.

“I am constantly in the outdoors—I love hiking, backpacking/camping, skiing, mountain climbing, and anything that allows me to go deeper and experience our beautiful wild places.”

For Nathan, “music is the bridge between the outdoors and the creative energy and flow I constantly have. When I put music on, it drowns everything and makes me focus. I feel connected and empowered.”

Outside of his photography, Nathan also hosts A Story Worth Telling, a podcast focused on telling the world’s most interesting and inspiring stories.


Nathan’s Recommended Podcasts:

How I Built This, Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard

This podcast interviews some of the best minds and entrepreneurs in the world, and dives into their story, successes/failures, and what it took to get to where they are today.


My Favorite Murder

Honestly, every episode is great. It’s a super funny, entertaining podcast that breaks down a murder or serial killer each episode. So good.


Stuff You Should Know, NYC Water: An Engineering Marvel

They discuss some amazing topics we all think and wonder about, and they’re super informative.


The Golden Hour Podcast, Episode 20: Garrett King (Photographer & Expert Colorist)

Why Your Recommend This Podcast: It interviews amazing creatives and entrepreneurs around the world—inspiring to listen to everyone’s journey!


The Weekly Fourcast is a series of curated podcast recommendations from our athletes, ambassadors and employees. Every week, we’ll drop a new list of four shows and episodes that you need to hear, direct from the Jaybird crew—the perfect audio fuel for the week ahead.