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Gift Guide

Built #EARTHPROOF. Built for everyone. This holiday season, celebrate Vista’s versatility and let everyone on your holiday shopping list unwrap unmatched audio this year. 

Your Training Buddy

Rain. Snow. Sleet. Nothing stops them from logging their miles. Give them premium sound and the truly wireless performance of Vista to face the forces of nature with a smile.

The Faithful Runner

No day is complete without logging their miles, and no run is complete without the premium sound and true wireless performance of Vista.

The One Who Plays Hard

For the ones who want to beat their headphones up. On the trail. At the gym. High above the clouds. The Vista military tested earbuds, and their #EARTHPROOF construction can take it.

The Mindful Meditator

Goodbye outside world. Hello, perfect balance of lightweight headphones and harmonious audio with noise isolation

The Concrete Jungle Warrior

For the ones who crush the boardroom by day and barbells by night. Go from a run to running the meeting with true wireless technology and call capability.

Big Ears Icon

The One That Says They Have Big Ears

Wait until they hear this: Vista headphones Will. Not. Come. Loose. With three sizes of interchangeable ear covers, they fit snugly and sound perfect.


Forgetful icon

The Forgetful One

Know that person who never remembers to recharge after a workout (or several)? Vista’s 16 hours of battery life will be music to their ears.


Audiophile icon

The Bibliophile

Give them theater of the mind in full HD. Vista’s EQ control and redesigned drivers deliver an immersive tone for every audiobook, podcast, and holiday cleaning playlist.


Terminator icon

The Terminator Fan

But they’ll be saying, “Hola la Vista” instead.