I’m a lover a life, explore of nature, father, husband, and son. My aim is to live consciously, while running mountains and letting my heart shine free.


Amherst, Wisconsin

Currently Living

Boulder, Colorado

What Does Running Mean To You

Running to me, is my gateway to the present moment in it’s most raw and unadulterated form. I run to gratify that inherent, primitive urge; to get out and be free in the places that inspire us the most. Running grounds me and forces me to face my weaknesses, head on. This never fails to fill me with gratitude. I keep running so I can feel that same presence and patience in all areas of my life, to make me a better person. This sport has been a lifesaver to me. I run to reflect upon these blessings and to love this life.

Career Bucket List

Hurt 100, Diagonale des Fous, Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji, Madeira Island Ultra Trail

Life Bucket List

To be content in all that I do.


"I like using the Run buds as I have the option to just put in one earbud allowing me to hear the sounds around but yet be fired up with a good beat in the other ear. They are light, snug, function well and I love having the one or two ear preference."


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