I thrive on being in the mountains. When I’m not running, you can find me spending time with my wife and three kids, being an activist for the environment, or sometimes working my day job as a Physician Assistant.


Blackfoot, Idaho

Currently Living

Pocatello, Idaho

What Does Running Mean To You

Running is my freedom. It is the time of day I can shrug off the responsibility of the daily grind and connect with nature.

Career Bucket List

The bucket list is quite long, but the theme of that list is a search for the edge of impossible.

Life Bucket List

My life bucket list is to grow old while spending time outside with my lovely wife and kids.


"I chose the RUN as my favorite headphone because my favorite type of gear is the type of gear you don’t have to think about. The buds just fade away since it is no fuss, stays put, and works well!"


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