How do I adjust the cord?

There are two ways to adjust the cord, either by using the speed cinch or the shirt clip.


Using the speed cinch

The cinch helps to keep the cord off your neck and shoulders, which is especially useful for the over-ear fit. To adjust the cinch do the following:


1. Put the X4 earbuds in your ears.


2. Grab the cord beneath the cinch with one hand. With your other hand adjust the cinch up or down until you find the right cord length to get a snug fit with no excessive slack.


For complete over-ear setup instructions follow the steps in the section "HOW DO I SETUP/FIT MY X4 EARBUDS?".

Using the shirt clip

Use the included shirt clip to secure your X4 earbuds to the back of your shirt.


1. Prior to using the shirt clip remove, if necessary, the cinch.


2. Attach the shirt clip to your shirt on the outside of your shirt.

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