Micro USB charging

5 minutes of charging gives 2 hour of playtime.

2 hours of charging gives 14 hour of playtime.


1. Take the included USB charging cradle and plug it into a USB power source.


2. The white LED will start pulsing when charging, and will turn solid white when fully charged.


We recommend you charge your earbuds using any 5V 500mA USB power source. Wall/car adapters/chargers that supply more than 5.5 V may damage your Jaybird earbuds and should not be used.

Additional tips

When you turn on your earbuds, you will hear a battery level announcement. The battery level announcement is rounded to the nearest 20%.


Your phone and the Jaybird app will also indicate the battery level. The Jaybird app will indicate the battery level to within 1%.


Battery indication


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