Can I Use My Freedom 2 Buds For Phone Calls?

Yes, while your headphones are designed for stereo audio, they work great for phone calls. The mic is located next to the `power button` on your ‘inline remote’. See below for detailed call functionality.

  • Accept a phone call -- Short press the Power Button
  • Decline a phone call -- Press the Power Button for 1 second
  • Mute/Unmute -- Press the Vol. - button for 1 second
  • Redial -- Double press the Power Button when you’re in Standby Mode (Powered on and connected, but not playing music or on a phone call)
  • Switch a call from your phone speaker to your FREEDOM 2 headphones -- Short press the Vol. + button


NOTE: When you answer a call while connected to your FREEDOM 2 headphones, the call audio will always come from your headphones whether you answer the call by pressing the power button on your headphones or the answer icon on your phone.

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