I’m a professional triathlete, 2X Ironman champion, 9X Half Ironman champion, co-founder and CEO of Picky Bars and Triathlete Magazine columnist, husband to superwoman Lauren Fleshman and dad to #SuperAdvanced little nuggets, Jude and Zadie.


Bend, Oregon

Currently Living

Bend, Oregon

What Does Running Mean To You

Running is honestly my first true love. I grew up in a place where it was the easiest, most accessible way to explore the great outdoors. As a youngster, I both lost and found myself exploring trails, and then found motivation, pride, and joy in racing with my feet. It's honestly hard for me to understate the importance running has had in my life.

Career Bucket List

I've honestly accomplished most of what I'd like to now. It would be awesome to get a top 10 at the Ironman World Championships (I've been 16th!). But I'm at peace with and very proud of my career. At this point, it’s more about enjoying the journey, exploring new environments and challenges, and keeping it fun and balanced (while still working my ass off from time to time!).  

Life Bucket List

Outside of raising and supporting a happy family (always priority #1), I'd love see the business I started with my wife, Picky Bars, grow to a successful, nationally recognized food brand that delivers healthy, convenient, active-oriented products to people around the world, and provides great jobs and business infrastructure to my home town in Bend, Oregon.


"I love the Jaybird RUN because they are the awesomest headphones I've ever used by a long shot! Seriously, the full wireless is super freeing, comfortable, and easy to use. I can slip them in my pocket or just keep one on my ear for chatting, running, or riding with an ear to the surroundings for safety. I have them on or with me most of the day every day. I'm super stoked on this product and highly recommend it!"


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