we’re driven to perfect our craft by exploring new territory and by eliminating gear that holds us back. The end result is finding our limits and pushing them, while inspiring others to get outside and do the same thing.


EST. 2006

Having wires catch on trees, stick to our bodies from sweat, or cut out from getting wet got old fast. Music was there to push our potential, but having a long, loose wire connected to a device was holding us back. We wanted to feel as free as possible outdoors, and our goal became to create headphones that we could forget we were wearing. So, we decided it was up to us to create the first secure-fitting, sweat-proof wireless earbuds. While every headphone company was content making wired headphones, we released the first ever athlete driven and designed wireless buds in 2006.

We made one pair of buds that cut the cord and we kept innovating from there. Working with professional runners helped us design a seamless fit that anyone could tailor to the shape of their ear and actually forget they were wearing them. We improved our sweat-proofing test to make sure our buds could survive high-intensity training, unexpected weather, and even an occasional load in the wash. And then we tackled sound.


The Jaybird App begin with the simple idea that sound should be a personal experience. As we spent time tweaking our speakers for bigger sound, not all of us agreed on which elements should play a bigger role. Some of us wanted more bass to get our adrenaline pumping on race day, and others wanted richer vocals in a podcast to help block out the pain from knocking off mile after mile. In the end, we settled on the option to allow for both scenarios. It came down to our belief that sound control should be in the hands of the listener and that the experience of listening to motivating audio goes deeper than just adjusting volume. So we created the Jaybird App to be an immersive experience that you create and use as a personal training tool. With the app, you can customize your EQ levels for any activity, save your sound preset to your buds, and share your preset to help others find the ideal sound that fuels them towards victory.

Once we saw how much users liked hearing presets from other athletes, we decided to up the ante by integrating Spotify for the sharing and rating of motivating playlists. The Jaybird App continues to evolve and most recently has incorporated a Find My Buds feature, allowing you to track the last place your buds were connected.


of exploration and innovation, we’ve assembled an incredible team of athletes and loyal fans. Whether it’s insights found at our Running Performance Lab in Park City or online feedback from our supporters, we plan to keep innovating and delivering the best wireless sport headphones. Our goal is to inspire you to get outside with your music and discover your full potential.