Hear from Rory

Rory sat down with filmmaker, podcaster, and ultrarunner Billy Yang for a chat on his new podcast series. Rory constantly pushes boundaries – physical and social, and she's more honest than ever in this inspiring interview.


I’m an an outdoorsy girl who spends her time running, hiking, biking, skiing, and daydreaming in the mountains. When people ask me my profession, I respond, “part-time ultra-runner/ part-time Pediatric ICU nurse/ full-time goof ball.”


Tahoe City, California

Currently Living

Truckee, California (About 12 miles down the road from Tahoe City….hard place to leave!)

What Does Running Mean To You

Spending as much time as possible in the mountains is my lifelong goal and the main motivator for how I structure my life. Running is the means to accomplishing the goal of immersing myself as much as possible in nature.  I love to do other outdoor activities, such as biking, skiing , swimming, dancing like a maniac,  picking my nose, etc., but it is through running that I feel most connected to the natural world. It has something to do with the simplicity of running, the melodic pace that allows one to fully observe the environment, and the fantastic physical benefits it provides.

Career Bucket List

I want to continue to find new challenges and have as many adventures in the mountains as possible. A major goal of mine is to have at least one big project for the year. Whether it's a long race or just a solo long, long run, I thoroughly enjoy the process of planning, training, and focusing on one big goal per year. It keeps me motivated and energized for running. The next places I’m looking to explore include the Japanese Alps, Patagonia, Greenland, New Zealand, Norway, and my own back yard in the Sierra Mtns.

Life Bucket List

Solving a Saturday/Sunday New York Times Crossword puzzle without cheating or assistance; all in pen. Also, having Alex Trebek high five me at the finish of an ultra race or long run is my lifelong dream. Have you seen that man recently? No? Have you seen him in the 90s? Yes? Then you’ve seen him in the present. That man doesn't age! The eternal silver fox.


"I chose the RUN buds as my favorite because they provide the ultimate listening experience. Extremely comfortable, excellent sound quality and incredible technology. I like to keep things as simple and paired down as possible when running so I’m a huge fan of the wireless RUN buds. I forget that I’m wearing them. They are a never-leave-home-without necessity for me now! RUNlove."


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