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Jaybird Ambassador Application

Ambassador Benefits:

  • Receive new products before they are available to the public for unboxing content
  • Featured on as an Ambassador Team member
  • 35% off discount codes for Teams or Running Clubs you might be affiliated with
  • Assistance with race entrance fee’s that Jaybird might be affiliated with
  • Product support for social giveaways or contests
  • Opportunity for promotion on Jaybird social channels
  • Ambassador Welcome Kit, as determined by Jaybird
  • Participate in exclusive squad/influencer events
  • Opportunity to join Jaybird’s Elite Athlete Training Camps in Park City, UT.
  • Jaybird branded gear as available 


Social Media Requirements:

  • Like and comment on 6-9 Instagram posts within the @JaybirdSport feed per quarter
    • Posts to be determined by Jaybird
  • Create 6-9 pieces of original content every quarter for use on @JaybirdSport 
    • Must also be shared on influencer IG channels and include @JaybirdSport and #PowerYourPassion in post copy (and relevant product hashtag - i.e. #JaybirdVista)
    • Must give Jaybird 1-2 week notice of post
    • Content must align with Jaybird brand/creative standards
    • Content must feature Jaybird product as specified by Jaybird

Ambassador Participation Requirements:

  • Participate in at least 75% of requested activations, promotion announcements, new product launches or content releases via promotion on social channels
  • Authentically use only Jaybird audio product in your training and running
  • Test and provide relevant feedback on products in development as requested
  • Submit reviews on, retailer sites, Amazon, Best Buy or specialty running sites. If you maintain a blog site, create a review on at least one new product launched during the calendar year

What we hope from our Jaybird Ambassador Team:

  • List yourself as a Jaybird ambassador in your social media bios and on your blog/website.
  • Provide creative and on-brand content for marketing including email blasts, website, blog, and social media.
  • Get involved in local Jaybird events