Can I Use Comply Tips With Jaybird Run?

COMPLY Foam ear tips can be used with Jaybird RUN. If desired, COMPLY Foam ear tips can be purchased directly from COMPLY. Jaybird RUN earbuds use the same driver as Jaybird X3 and Jaybird Freedom which means all COMPLY Foam tips that came with Freedom and X3 are compatible.


Jaybird RUN earbuds come with round and oval silicone tips and we would love for you to give them a try.


Which tips you use depends on your preference of fit. Some users prefer the round tips while others love the oval silicone tips. Give all options and sizes a try and see what suits you best.


Getting the best fit:

  • Your ears may not be the same size, make sure you try different sized ear tips for left and right if needed.
  • Try the small oval silicone tips if you have a small ear canal or if you find the small round silicone tips too big.
  • If you select the oval silicone tips, angle the tip for best fit and to follow the natural shape of your ear canal.
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