How Can I Check My Jaybird Vista 2 Battery Status?

You can check your Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds battery status and your charging case battery status in a few different ways.


Vista 2 earbuds


  • You will hear a battery status notification as soon as you put the earbuds in your ear.

  • During use you will hear battery status notifications when 20% of the battery charge is left, and the voice prompt “Please charge” just before they run out and turn off.

  • The Jaybird App will indicate your left and right earbud battery status to within 1%.


Vista 2 charging case


The Vista 2 charging case has three LEDs that indicate the charge status of the left earbud (L), charging case (C) and the right earbud (R) separately, as shown below.

When your charging case is connected to power or placed on charging mat the LEDs on the case indicates the charging status as follows:


  • R or/and L LED is pulsing white = Earbud is charging
  • R or/and L LED is solid white = Earbud is fully charged
  • C LED is pulsing white = The case is charging
  • C LED is solid white = The case is fully charged

Additionally, to check the battery status of the case, perform a single press on the round button located in the middle of the case, as shown below:

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