Can I Use My Jaybird Run Earbuds For Phone Calls?

When connected to your phone, your earbuds will act as the primary audio source for a call.


By default, you can accept and end phone calls using your right Jaybird RUN multifunction button. 


To accept an incoming call, single press on your right earbud. The call audio is limited to the right earbud. When you accept a phone call, the left earbud will allow ambient sound in to assist  with better hearing your own voice. This avoids the need to take the left earbud out during phone calls.


To end a call, single press on your right earbud. Audio transparency will automatically turn off and, if applicable, audio will resume.


To decline/reject a call, double press on your right earbud.


You can change the single press functionality of your earbuds in the Jaybird app.

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