I'm Having Difficulty Upgrading My Jaybird Run. I Need Some Help.

Jaybird RUN Firmware Update Assistant is compatible with Windows 7 and MAC 10.5 and above.


If you’re having issues updating your Jaybird RUN firmware, the case and bud might not be making the appropriate connection. Please check the following:

  1. RUN requires a USB micro cable with data capabilities. You RUN charge cable is compatible.
  2. Make sure the ear tips and fins are installed correctly. The buds and case will not make a connection without them.
  3. Try re-inserting a RUN bud into the charge case and plugging the USB into the computer again.
  4. Try pressing the top and bottom case together.

If your issue relates to something not listed above, or if you continue to have issues after trying the steps above, please:

Call 1 800-025-544

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