How do I use the speed cinch so it does not fall off the cord?

The speed cinch incorporates a ‘T’ shaped slot which contains the cord.


To attach the speed cinch to the cord:

  1. Insert the cord, flat edge first, into the speed cinch.
  2. Twist and press the cord into the speed cinch so that the flat edge of the cord goes into the ‘T’ shaped slot.
  3. Repeat these steps for the other side of the speed cinch.


To adjust the length of the cord:

  1. Ensure that the speed cinch is correctly attached to the cord, as described above.
  2. With two fingers of one hand hold the cinch by its side, so that you cover the cinch slots with your fingers.
  3. With the other hand pull on the cord to either loosen or tighten the cord.

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