My Jaybird Vista Earbuds Are Not Working As Expected. What Should I Do?

If your earbuds are not working as expected, try the following:

  1. Make sure your Jaybird Vista earbuds and your Bluetooth device are fully charged. See “HOW DO I CHARGE MY JAYBIRD VISTA EARBUDS AND CHARGING CASE?”.

  2. Turn your audio devices Bluetooth off for at least 10 seconds and then back on. Please note, turning Bluetooth off and back on quickly will not reset the connection.

  3. If this doesn’t solve the problem, reset your earbuds. See “HOW DO I RESET MY JAYBIRD VISTA EARBUDS?”. After resetting your earbuds remember to pair your earbuds to your audio device again. 


If you can’t find a solution and your earbuds continue to not work as expected, please Contact Us.

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