1. On your phone/music device, turn Bluetooth®  on and ensure it is actively searching for Bluetooth devices.

2. With your Tarah Pro earbuds turned off, press and hold the Middle Button until you see the LED flashing white. You will hear the “READY TO PAIR. DOWNLOAD THE JAYBIRD APP FOR AN ASSISTED SETUP” voice prompt.

3. Select “Jaybird Tarah Pro” in the list of discovered devices.

4. Once your Tarah Pro earbuds have connected to your phone/music device you will hear the “Connected” voice prompt. You are now ready to listen to your music.

If the pairing is not successful

switch off your earbuds by pressing the Middle Button until the red LED illuminates and you hear a descending “Power off” tone. Once your earbuds have powered off repeat steps 1-4.



When you turn your Tarah Pro earbuds on for the first time or after a reset, they will be in pairing mode.If the pairing is not successful, switch off your buds by pressing the Power Button until you hear the power off tone.

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