How To Connect a Replacement Earbud?

To connect your replacement earbud to your current working one, follow these steps:


1. Open the Bluetooth® settings on your audio device and “FORGET” or “REMOVE” Jaybird Vista 2 from the list of paired devices.

2. Put your replacement earbud in the charging case with your existing earbud. Close the case. Then plug the case into charge and wait for 5 minutes.


3. Open the charging case and press and hold the case button until the three LEDs starts blinking white.

4. While the charging case LEDs are blinking white, double press the case button. The LEDs will blink pink. Now close the case


5. You can now pair the earbuds again:

  • Open the charging case. Press and hold the case button until the three LEDs start blinking white.

  • Go to your audio devices Bluetooth menu and select ‘Jaybird Vista 2’.

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