Do Bluebuds X support multi-point?

BlueBuds X supports pairing of 8 devices supporting Handsfree & AVRCP profiles (such as iPad & iPhone), with ability to manually toggle connection between the devices from the Bluetooth device list of your Phone/Music device. Some customers maybe use to automatic switching between multiple devices and wonder why Jaybird pairs with up to 8 devices but does not manage the switching automatically.


Jaybird engineered a custom Bluetooth platform in order to 1) achieve industry leading performance in signal performance for skip-free music when active or outdoors, and 2) to achieve the remarkable 8 hour battery play time from the smallest Bluetooth earbuds available. This platform has one limitation, which is the absence of automatic switching between multi-paired devices.


This decision to trade automatic switching between devices for signal and battery performance has been a home run for Jaybird and it's active customers. Our customer experience team report rave reviews and feedback regarding skip-free music and battery life while there is rarely a negative comment about the absence of automatic switching between devices.


Knowing our customer and their needs is priority one at Jaybird. We continue to monitor the feedback from customers and during the life of BlueBuds X from 2012-2015 the customer vote is unanimously in favor of the current performance and feature set.

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