The earfin/tip combo seems loose when I wear my buds, how do I secure them?

Once you find the eartip/fin combo that best fits you, make sure you securely insert the eartip/fin onto the buds. For best results, try the steps below.


1. Pinch the eartip in between your index finger and thumb slightly. This helps create suction when you insert the earbud into the eartip/fin combo.


2. Insert the earbud into the eartip/fin and make sure you push the bud until it is almost flush with the outer edge of the eartip, but not to a point where the earbud is protruding past the outer edge.

Note: There are notches on the earbud, make sure the notches are no longer visible once you’ve fully inserted the bud into the eartip/fin combo

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