Do My Jaybird Vista Earbuds Turn Off When I Am Not Using Them?

Yes. When turned on, connected to your Bluetooth audio device, and in an idle state (no calls or music), your Jaybird Vista earbuds automatically power off after about 15 minutes. This feature helps conserve the earbuds battery when you are not actively using your earbuds and you have not placed them in the charging case.


To reconnect your earbuds after they have turned off:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth on your audio device is on.

  2. Then you can either:


  • Insert your earbuds into the charging case, close the lid, and then remove your earbuds from the charging case. 


Inserting your Jaybird Vista earbuds into the charging case will automatically turn them off and taking your earbuds out of the charging case will automatically turn them on.



  • Press the multi-function button on both earbuds for 3 seconds. 


Each earbud will need to be turned on individually. However, turning one earbud off will automatically turn both earbuds off.


If your Jaybird Vista earbuds are powered on but are not paired to any devices, your earbuds will automatically power off after about 5 minutes.

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