How Do I Change the Eargels On My Jaybird Vista Earbuds?

To remove an existing eargel:


1. Hold the body of the earbud with one hand. With the thumb of the other hand firmly press the eargel fin away from the body of the earbud. Follow as shown below:

2. While still pressing with your thumb gently pull the eargel away from the body of the earbud, without pulling on the fin of the eargel. Follow the illustration below.

To attach a new eargel:

1. Grab a new eargel and associated earbud with matching ‘L’ or ‘R’ markings. 

2. Gently stretch the eargel over the tag and onto the earbud, until you hear the eargel click into place. Follow as shown below:

See “HOW DO I KNOW I HAVE THE BEST FIT FOR MY JAYBIRD VISTA EARBUDS?” to confirm you have the best fit for your earbuds.

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