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Jaybird Athletes

Powered By Passion

The Jaybird athlete team is a diverse and passionate group of runners, endurance athletes and adventurers who share our mission—to get out there and push their limits, while inspiring others to get outside and do the same. Representing Jaybird among the trails, roads, races and wild places around the world, the Jaybird athlete team is an integral part of our design process, our product testing, and our community.

Jaybird Athlete Rory Bosio
Rory Bosio

Ultra-runner, endurance athlete, and two-time, back-to-back UTMB winner




Jaybird Athlete Fernanda Maciel
Fernanda Maciel

Adventure runner and female record holder for fastest ascent and descent of Mt. Kilimanjaro




Jaybird Athlete Brian Tolbert
Brian Tolbert

Ultra-runner and founder of Black Arrows Run Crew




Jaybird Athlete Luke Nelson
Luke Nelson

Ultra-runner and seven-time winner and course record holder of El Vaquero Loco 50K, FKT for climbing all of Idaho’s 12,000-foot peaks




Jaybird Athlete Martina Valmassoi
Martina Valmassoi

Italian trail runner, ski mountaineer and winner of Montana’s The Rut 50K




Jaybird Athlete Jacqui Bell
Jacqui Bell

Youngest female to complete multi-stage ultra-marathon on all 7 continents