How do I charge my Tarah Pro earbuds?

Your Jaybird Tarah Pro earbuds come with a directional charging cradle. To charge your earbuds, follow the steps below:


1. Plug the USB charging cable, that came with your Tarah Pro earbuds, into a USB power source.


2. Hover the remote of your Tarah Pro earbuds over the charging cradle and it will snap in place using the magnets in the cradle. You will see the LED on the inline remote start pulsing white, which indicates that your Tarah Pro earbuds are now charging.

3. If your Tarah Pro earbuds are very low on charge and you are pressed for time you can partially charge your earbuds, and should get an extra two hours of music playtime for 5 minutes of charging.

4. We do not recommend leaving your Tarah Pro earbuds on the charger for more than 5 hours. To prolong the lifetime of your battery we recommend charging your earbuds when you hear the “Charge Me” voice prompt  (which corresponds to about 10% battery charge remaining).


Make sure to check the capacity of the charging source before you begin charging. We recommend using a computer as it’s the best and safest method. Any charger with a charging current of 1 Amp or less is safe.


Some chargers can produce a lot more power than is needed to charge your earbuds, and we do not recommend using them.

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