How Can I Check My Jaybird Vista Battery Status?

You can check your Jaybird Vista earbuds battery status and your charging case battery status in a few different ways. 


Vista earbuds 


  • You will hear a battery status notification as soon as the earbuds are taken out of the case and automatically turn on. 

  • During use you will hear battery status notifications when 20% of the battery charge is left, and when the battery is at 10%.

  • The Jaybird App will indicate your left and right earbud battery status to within 1%.


Vista charging case


When your charging case is connected to power, the LED on the case indicates the charging status as follows:

  • LED is pulsing white = Earbuds and/or the case are charging

  • LED is solid white = Earbuds and case are fully charged


When your charging case is not connected to power, opening the case will trigger the LED as follows:

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