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Jaybird topic: Fit Comes First



We don’t think you should have to think twice about fit. We think your buds should feel like your favorite pair of broken-in running shoes. Comfortable, reliable, and perfectly molded to you. 

Jaybird Athlete in the city with Vista 2

To achieve a fit you never think twice about, we spent a whole lot of time thinking about it for you. We studied tens of thousands of ears before engineering our eargels to fit nearly any ear shape, so the only thing you need to think about when you put your buds in is what you’re listening to next. 

Vista 2 Biking Vista 2 Rock Climbing

Sport Fit

When we adventure, we put ourselves in demanding situations, and the last thing we need to be thinking about is losing a bud. We craft every pair of Jaybird eargels to provide a secure fit that doesn’t wobble, shake, or slip when we’re pushing our limits. Whether you’re running, biking, climbing, or pushing yourself in the gym, Jaybird headphones stay in place.

Vista 2 Workout Vista 2 Running

Adventure-Ready Audio

High-performance wireless audio for athletes.



It's incredible something this small can go this big. Building off the success of the Jaybird Run and Run XT, the cutting-edge Vista pairs true wireless earbuds technology with a rugged, #EARTHPROOF construction for premium sound that can go anywhere you do.



Vista 2

Everything you want from your bluetooth earbuds. Active Noise Cancellation for focus. SurroundSense for spatial awareness and safety. Earthproof durability for demanding pursuits. When adventure calls, Vista 2 is ready to answer.