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Jaybird Run Wild: A Global Film Series

Running on the Salt Flats wearing Jaybird Headphones
Run Wild Track 01

Track 01: Breathe

Park City, UT

A diverse group of Jaybird running athletes including Rory Bosio and Knox Robinson come to Park City, Utah to explore what powers them, before setting off in search of that same passion around the world.
Run Wild Track 02

Track 02: Rhythm

London, United Kingdom

Knox travels to England to meet Charlie Dark—a poet, DJ, and founder of the running and creative community Run Dem Crew—and explore their intertwined passions for running and music on the streets of London.
Run Wild Track 03

Track 03: Freedom

Tokyo, Japan

Knox heads to the bustling, chaotic and inspiring cultural epicenter that is Tokyo, to meet up with Lono Brazil III and the Athletics Far East Crew, an urban running crew whose motto "Do Not Blame Others but Yourself" embodies its mission to use running as a vehicle for individual expression.
Run Wild Track 04

Track 04: Fly

Chamonix, France

Rory heads to Chamonix and the rugged French Alps—a global epicenter for mountaineering, skiing, running, and myriad other alpine pursuits—to link up with Martina Valmassoi and Fernanda Maciel and explore the rugged trails, dramatic scenery, and rich history of mountain culture that make Chamonix such a special place.
Run Wild Track 05

Track 05: Grit

New York City, NY

Knox brings his global running tour back to his home turf of New York, to meet up with his Black Roses NYC run crew, and provide a deep look at what makes this diverse group of urban runners so unique.
Run Wild Track 06

Track 06: Elevate

Bekoji, Ethiopia

Rory travels to a small rural farming village with deep roots in long-distance running to witness a revolution—an incredibly inspiring and driven group of young female runners who are part of the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to using Ethiopia’s national sport of running to create safe spaces, expand education and empower young Ethiopian women and their communities.